Our Approach



Different organizations have different learning needs and styles. At Logos Learning, we will design suitable learning solutions upon understanding your requirements. These solutions can then be delivered through training workshops, coaching programs or consultancy engagements.



We seek to develop people from inside-out to be productive and effective in all areas of their lives. Our solutions are broadly designed as 4 different series – Inside Out Series, Purposeful wealth series, Team Building Series and our Retirement series. They can be customized across different needs across an employee life cycle in an organization.


It all starts with “Why” at the centre of all that we do. This is the personal purpose which is the anchor to enable anyone live a meaningful life. Meaning that is derived from their values, what they feel is important and what drives them.

With this deep sense of purpose, we would need to live out our lives in the 5 areas of social, family, professional, spiritual and community. The roles that we play must be first aligned to our purpose. We can then set goals for these roles and plan our time to do what is needed to best fulfil these roles. Once we are clear how we would like to spend our time, we also think about how healthy we need to be, what financial resources we would need and what skills and learnings we need to now do so that we can better achieve these goals. Health, wealth and personal development are what we call our enablers in life.

In a nutshell, that is our Finishing Well™ framework. We take you on a reflective journey to discover your purpose in life so that this compass would help you plan simple strategies on how to spend your time and live a purpose centred life. We dive deep and come out simple.


Staff Engagement
Staff engagement is one of the biggest differentiator between companies today. It can be the one thing that makes or breaks a company, the one factor that gives you the edge over your competitors.

Employers and senior management often know what they would like their staff to achieve, the values that the company stands for and the vision that it is the heartbeat of the corporation. Your employees may know them too. But do they own them?

At Logos Learning, we believe that people are a company’s most valuable asset. We believe that employees are most effective when they find their work purposeful and that they find fulfilment when they also achieve physical, emotional and financial balance in their lives.

Using our unique Finishing Well™ framework, we will help your staff discover their personal purpose even in the course of their daily work, thus resulting in a workforce that will be highly productive and fired up to give of their best at work, while achieving personal fulfilment and balance in their personal lives.

What are the tangible benefits?
By engaging staff at a personal level and creating a two way conversation, we believe that organizations would begin to experience 3 key tangible benefits:

  1. Increased Productivity – when staff see how they are valued and are more engaged and more effectively personally. In this manner, they would also ultimately better contribute to organizational objectives and make them “assets” to the organization and not deadweight and liabilities
  2. Decreased absenteeism – when you are engaged at work, you want to be there to contribute and grow yourself and the organization
  3. Better retention – With this engagement, staff would be more likely to stay with the company as they appreciate what the company is doing for them and find alignment for themselves with that they are doing at work

Continually engaging staff would help a corporation be branded as an employer of choice as you gain a reputation being one that is genuinely interested in building individuals. This would allow you to become the employer of choice over time.