Meaningful Work
Are you living an intentional and meaningful life at work, at home and in the community? What is a meaningful life and what does meaningful work look like to you? Is having an understanding of whether your work is meaningful important to you?

Can transformation truly be possible?
At Logos Learning, we truly believe that if you understand what drives and inspires you and your organisation, transformation can happen. Do you understand how you think, perceive and interact with others? Are you looking to understand yourself and others better so that you can work more efficiently and effectively and thus be more productive? Self and Team-awareness is critical to success as learning to appreciate yourself and others, and changing your perspective can spur one to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life. It is therefore very important to connect both the heart and mind, so that sustainable change can happen from the inside out.

In our Inside Out Series, we will guide you in your journey to discover yourself – your priorities and purpose in life, and your thinking and behavioural preferences. With this understanding, we will guide you on how you can apply that understanding, so that you are empowered to transform yourself so as to contribute positively to your work.

Work is not the total representation of who we are, but as it is such a big area of our life, it does contribute to a part of who we are. So where does meaning in work come from? Some organisations excel in creating a meaningful work environment while there are also individuals who bring with them a sense of meaning and mission to the organisations that they work in. Which category do you fall under? Do you agree that the ideal situation is to have both? For that to happen, it could mean for many, a transformation for both the organisations and the individuals!

People are the most important asset to any organization. How do we as employees add value to our organization? Are we “Making a living” or “Living a Life”? Are we giving our best at work and doing things with passion and joy, all anchored on a purpose?

There is a saying “A happy staff is a motivated and productive staff”. A staff who is engaged, motivated and productive will move the company towards greater success and profits. Would you like to be able to sustain your passion and joy in the things that you pursue throughout your lifetime?

The Heart That Stirs
At Logos Learning, we believe that the answer lies in the individual’s Life Purpose.

Deep inside all of us is a desire to lead significant and meaningful lives. When we discover what our purpose is and find a way to live that out through our job, it becomes natural for us to want to do the best for ourselves and for the company that we work for.

Your SUCCESS as a leader, a manager, and an executive or business owner should not be measured merely by all that you do. Excellence is not determined by completing a to-do list. The degree of how purpose-driven you are is the way to excel in your field and business.

About the workshop
Through a 2-day workshop, we would take you through a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery to see why your work matters and develop practical handles and strategies to be effective and productive at work and in the other areas of your life.

Cost per pax: S$642 (inclusive of GST) | Early Bird Discount per pax: $535 (inclusive of GST) |

Customised Workshop available
If you are an employer, will you like to have employees who are driven with purpose, passion and joy? Will you like to reduce staff turnover in your organization? How are you motivating your staff to minimize absenteeism?

Research has shown that staff who find purpose and meaning in their work could lead to reduction in turnover and absenteeism at work. Contact us today and let us share with you how you can engage your staff by helping them discover their personal purpose and meaning in their work.

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(Designed for Early Childhood Educators)
As a Preschool Supervisor/Centre Manager or Childhood Educator, you are required to work with people, be they your staff, the lovely children who come daily to learn and play or their parents, the paying customers. Working with people who are different from you can be challenging. Our differences in thinking and behavior inevitably lead to miscommunication and unnecessary friction at times.

Are you experiencing these challenges?

  • Do you find it difficult to communicate with your customers and colleagues at times?
  • Do you sometimes not see eye to eye with your colleagues’ working style?

Why Meeting Of The Minds™?
Every individual is unique.

We look, behave, speak and interact in our own ways. A Meeting of the Minds™ program is designed to ensure that every participant discovers who he is and understands how he works and communicates. It reveals individual thinking and behavioral preferences through experiential and interactive learning.

It’s a results-driven and engaging session focused on how to use Emergenetics as a tool for increasing self-awareness and better communication.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Better team and conflict management
  • Better communication leading to better teamwork amongst staff and improved relationship with the parents
  • Understanding of colleagues’ work style leading to greater productivity

Through the Meeting Of The Minds™ Program, Logos Learning is here to help you understand yourself and others. Learn how to improve your communication with the children you take care of, their parents and your staff.

Cost per pax: S$535 (inclusive of GST) |
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Organisations often have team building activities to help staff bond, communicate better and to create better teams with the objective of raising productivity and overall organizational effectiveness. Team building are also fun. They should be fun. After all, people get along best when they’re having fun.

At Logos Learning, our team building workshop is more than just having fun or raising productivity and increasing organizational effectiveness. We believe that more could be done to effect positive changes that stick; and we can do that by helping your staff discover their personal purpose and aligning it to the organisation’s purpose. The Clarity of Purpose is a necessary starting point to bring everyone together and motivate him or her. In understanding your staff better and by having a shared vision and purpose, you can help unleash their potential and lead the organisation to greatness!

How do we do that?
We design our team building solutions according to your needs:-

  • The objective is to build a Team with a Heart, a Purpose and a sense of Mission, not just doing what needs to be done but knowing why it needs to be done
  • To effect a paradigm shift – anchored on building a culture of purpose

Our Tools
Through the use of our Finishing Well™ framework and Emergenetics, which is a scientific brain-based profiling tool, we help you speak to the heads and the hearts of your staff so that as they are doing team building activities, we also show them how they are valued by the organization.

Speak with us today to find out how you can do team building with a heart!

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As Singaporeans live longer, we are all expected to have more years in retirement. While that means that we would have more time for our retirement, it also means that we would have to build a larger retirement nest egg to support that. Singapore’s population of residents aged 65 or older is expected to triple by 2030 (source: MCYS – Committee on Ageing Issues: Report on the Ageing Population as report in a study by Millward Brown for Council of Third Age)

To help Singaporeans build up sufficient financial resources for retirement and to also continue to tap on the valuable skills and experience of older employees, the government passed the Retirement and Re-employment Act, which took effect from 1 January 2012. This Act makes it mandatory to re-employ qualifying workers who are 62 and also raises the retirement age to 65 years old.

What does it mean for someone who is nearing retirement? Do we know what it takes to retire? Do we know if we have enough for retirement? How do we decide if we should continue working if we do not?

At Logos Learning, retirement is not about stopping work. Retirement is about planning early for the life we want and paving a way to live a purpose-centred life so that we can leave behind a legacy. If we are mentally strong and physically healthy, we can continue to value-add to our company and mentor our younger colleagues. We should all take charge of our life and plan early towards a purposeful retirement.

Logos Learning believes that providing financial education to staff in the worksplace is the WISE thing to do to demonstrate to them that you are aware and care about their well being. This is especially so for the staff who are in their mid-40s and above; when you care enough about their retirement to send them for courses and help them plan for it, you are showing that you care about them.

Contact us today, let us walk you through our Retirement Planning Process and show you how we can journey with your staff in planning for their financial needs.

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As Singaporeans live longer, we are all expected to have more years in retirement. While that means we would have more time for our retirement, it also means that we would have to build a larger retirement nest egg to support that. We also need to keep a healthy and active lifestyle.

Are you ready for retirement? Do you know what it takes to retire? Do you know if you have sufficient financial resources for retirement? How will we decide if we should continue working? We need to take charge now to plan early for our golden years, so that we can enjoy a purposeful retirement.
This two day workshop would help you gain a good understanding of your health and wealth needs, to be prepared physically, emotionally and financially, to live an active and purposeful life, as you journey towards your golden years.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand what it takes to truly retire and call it your golden years – health, wealth and engagement
  • Basic understanding of your financial needs for retirements
  • Discover other options for a purposeful retirement
  • Learn to manage your health and well-being needs
  • Manage your cash flow to optimise your remaining working years and also your retirement
  • Learn how you should be investing at this stage of life
  • Learn how to leave a legacy in managing a good estate plan and executing your wishes

Cost per pax: S$642 (inclusive of GST) | Early Bird Discount per pax: $535 (inclusive of GST) |

You are approaching retirement age. Will I be re-employed by my organisation? Should I be re-employed? Should I explore other career options or pursue my passions if I am mentally strong and physically healthy?

These are questions that will be going through your Silver Talents’ minds. As an organisation, we should be responsible in taking care of their career path and retirement plans. Many of our Silver Talents are experienced, with good aptitude and attitude. By re-training them, we allow them more options to pursue a second career and help them to transit confidently.

At the end of the two-day workshop, participants will gain skills and confidence to:

  • Discover their strengths , potential and interests
  • Identify their career path (employed, re-employed, self-employed)
  • Penetrate the open and hidden job markets
  • Grow into their next career with confidence
We believe that in order to be able to enjoy our golden years, we not only need wealth, but also health and a purpose in life.

Singapore, like most developed countries, is witnessing a rapidly aging population, the “Silver Tsunami” phenomenon. As one ages, it brings along a whole host of health related issues and changes. Knowing what to expect and how to manage the changes can make a huge difference in managing these issues. Knowledge can be empowering and it allows us to take the appropriate action to improve the situation for a better future.

The purpose of this workshop is to enable the participants to be well-prepared in managing their health at different life stages, so as to lead a fulfilling retirement.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how to deal with aging health problems
  • Feel motivated to maintain their health and well-being
  • Appreciate the benefits of proper diet, exercise and recreation

Why is financial education in the workplace important?
How critical is financial stress? In a study conducted by Financial Literacy Partners, LLC, in the United States back in 2009, they calculated that employee financial stress cost businesses US$15,000 per year per affected employee.

Have you ever considered if this is happening in your workplace? If it is happening, do not ignore this and let it become a cost to your organisation. Here are some quantifiable symptoms of Financial Stress:

  • Increased Absenteeism
  • Lack of Job Concentration and decreased productivity
  • Increased use of healthcare benefits
  • Interruptions by Creditors

How can you engage your employees?
Are your employees concerned about their financial well-being? Are your employees worried about their retirement plans? Are your employees leaving their jobs for a better paying job?

Providing financial education in the workplace is the WISE thing to do to demonstrate to your employees that you are aware and care about their well being.
Recognise the need for financial education; Take positive steps towards implementing relevant programmes from trustworthy sources.

Why is financial education at Logos different?
Is Money the MOST important thing in life? At Logos Learning, we believe that money is not an end to itself but an enabler that allows us to achieve some of our life goals. Whether it is to retire well, provide for our family or just to take a well-deserved holiday, money would allow us to make those things possible.

We have designed our Purposeful Wealth Series to cater to employees of different life stage. We do not only teach practical principles’ such as effective budgeting, buying insurance in the smartest way and the investment planning process. More importantly, we help people see holistically how wealth can help them live out a purposeful life.

We will guide your employees through the concept of money as an enabler and how to best manage financial resources gained from their professional life.

(Suitable for Anyone in their 20s to 30s)
As responsible employers, we need to take care of our Gen Y employees. According to statistics from DP Credit Bureau, 6% of all credit users aged between 21-30 years old are defaulting on their credit debts, compared to 2.7% for other Singaporeans. And in May 2012, statistics showed that 6.3% of all credit card debts incurred by young Singaporeans were in default, compared to 3.3% for other Singaporeans.With younger employees facing more financial stress, your organisations’ productivity could be affected. Engage your Gen Y employees and help them stay out of potential financial embarrassment and financial issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be motivated to plan, save and invest for themselves
  • Know how to manage credit wisely and avoid financial embarrassment and debt issues
  • Know how to invest their money wisely
  • Know how to fail-proof their plan with proper risk management

Cost per pax: S$642 (inclusive of GST) | Early Bird Discount per pax: $535 (inclusive of GST) |

(Suitable for anyone in their 40s to mid-50s)
What constitutes a happy retirement? In the HSBC 2011 Retirement survey based on the views of 1,046 respondents from Singapore, the top 4 components are: Not having to worry about money; keeping fit; having loving friends and family; and a good financial plan. However, only 57% felt adequately prepared financially, leaving a gap of 36% who are not adequately prepared.As a staff engagement strategy, employers can encourage their employees in their 40s to start planning for their retirement. Help your employees eliminate their financial stressors so that they can contribute more positively towards your organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Motivated to plan, save and invest for themselves
  • Know how much is required to retire comfortably
  • Know how they should be investing at this stage of life
  • Know how to fail-proof their plan with proper risk management
  • Know how to leave behind a legacy with good estate planning

Cost per pax: S$642 (inclusive of GST) | Early Bird Discount per pax: $535 (inclusive of GST) |

(Suitable for anyone 55 years old and above)
As Singaporeans live longer, we are all expected to have more years in retirement. This means that we would have to build a larger retirement nest egg to support that. The government passed the Retirement and Re-employment Act on 1 January 2012 to encourage Singaporeans to work longer so as to build up sufficient financial resources for retirement. This Act raised the retirement age to 65 years old and make it mandatory to re-employ qualifying workers who are 62.What does this mean for staff nearing retirement? Do they know what it takes to retire? Do they have enough for retirement? How will they decide if they should continue working?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what it takes to truly retire and call it their golden years-health, wealth and life purpose
  • Understand their financial needs for retirement
  • Manage their cash flow to optimise their remaining working years
  • Learn how they should be investing at this stage of life
  • Knowing their options if they have to work beyond their golden years

Cost per pax: S$642 (inclusive of GST) | Early Bird Discount per pax: $535 (inclusive of GST) |