Are you busy chasing? What is it that you are chasing after and why are you chasing it? Is it a passion or is it out of habit? Are you dissatisfied with your life and do you desire something more meaningful? Shouldn’t life be more exciting?

Life can be more exciting and meaningful if you desire it to be so. To desire is one thing but to achieve it requires intentionality and effort. We cannot expect to succeed if we do not intend to succeed. Intentionality paves the way towards achieving the goals that we want to achieve and living the kind of life that we want to live – a life that does not leave any space for regrets when we come to the end of it.

The Finishing Well™ Coaching program is based on the Finishing Well™ framework of which the key anchor is the LIFE PURPOSE. The life purpose is the reason why we do the things we do; it is the compass that guides and directs the many decisions that we make in life. If we do not have such a compass, we will find ourselves ending up in going anywhere and everywhere but maybe just not to where we want to go. All the efforts put in just to get there are wasted because the outcome disappoints and does not satisfy.

At Logos Learning, we believe that everyone has the potential to live a purposeful life. Not only do we want to inspire and empower you on how to do so, we want to help you to live out your purpose. Our Finishing Well™ coaching program is specifically designed to help you to move from CONCEPT to CONVICTION, and from conviction to COMMITMENT. Through the program, you will gain clarity of your life purpose, the roles you play and how to set goals and activities so that you can live out your life purpose on a daily basis.

We offer both individual and group coaching:

Our Coaching Program

  • Introduction of the Finishing Well™ Framework
  • Discover Your Purpose
  • Defending Your Purpose Statement
  • Defining Your Roles, Responsibilities & Goals
  • Deciding on Your Goal Achieving & Enabler Activities
  • Do! Timetabling Your Activities

If you are convicted that your life should be lived out to the fullest, contact us today and let us help you live the life you were created for.