Every entrepreneur should have a round of FW

“On a personal level, I gained an opportunity to see clearly what I actually have been seeking in life. What I lack, and what I need to bring into my life. So meaningful whatever I do, I do with purpose, drive and meaning.

To me as a co-founder of a business, this exercises gives me an opportunity to appreciate what my partners seek, or otherwise, in life. I come to appreciate that company management does not always have all the answers when it comes to understanding the key team members’ needs. FW slices through the ambiguity and assumptions. It helps us look at issues squarely and honestly.

Every entrepreneur should have a round of FW.”

– Terry Lee , Co-founder of Splash


An eye-opener

“The Finishing Well programme was an eye-opener for me, and timely in helping me re-evaluate my purpose in life. I learnt important differences between goals and enablers, and how easy it is to confuse the 2 if we’re not clear. The workshop helped me establish a purpose statement from which I now make decisions, plan my time and choose my activities. The programme is not only thought-provoking, relevant but also highly tangible and practical. I would strongly encourage every individual who struggle with understand life’s purpose to attend, either alone, or with your significant other.”

– Colin Yeow, Deputy CEO of Emergenetics International (Asia)